Nova Scotia Now or Never

Nova Scotia Economic Development: Now or Never?

The title of the report written by Ray Ivany and his team after undertaking the commission on Nova Scotia’s economic situation and future was Now or Never.

I think it was exceedingly clever as it acts as both a warning and a call to arms.  It’s sufficiently scary as to galvanize people into action, but also suggests that action can be taken and success can be achieved.

You know when you start a project and it seems like such a huge undertaking you just have no idea where to start?  That’s how I feel right now.  I was intending on writing out a plan with a logical progression and a series of well thought out blog posts that led the reader, like a horse to water, to understand the economic situation, what’s being done and what can be done, and what the hopes are for the future.  But it was too much for me, too much to say, to get to make sense in my head.  I’m sure I’ll get to it later, but it was holding up my progress and so I decided to jump right in.  Into the middle.  Into the deep end.  It’s ok, I grew up on the East Coast, I’m a great swimmer.  My grandfather used to call me otter, as a matter of fact.

Which brings me to my next point.  I grew up on the East Coast.  My heart has always been Nova Scotia, no matter what my driver’s license said my address was.  Regardless of what country I was living in.  But I haven’t lived at home in 12 years.  So I really don’t know shit about actually living in the current Nova Scotia economy.

What I’m writing is purely speculation.  Educated guesses.  Sharing of ideas that worked for others to grow their economies, create jobs and pursue rural and regional economic development.  It’s in no way meant to be a criticism.  There’s nothing worse or less effective than a new guy showing up and spouting off at how wrong all the people who have been living and putting in the hard work are.

There are a bunch of topics I want to discuss on the economy, I think, ideally it would make sense to go into economic theory, then look at the economy as a global system, then its connection and impact on the environment and why that matters, next the Nova Scotia economy in the Canadian political context, finally looking directly at the Nova Scotia economy in the big picture.

Then I’ll get into the nitty gritty of the Ivany Report and start focusing on rural economic development, the environment, sustainability, renewable energy, local economies, food security, regional economies, ‘Plugging the Gap’, good HR policy, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and other topics, which will, hopefully, culminate in an economic way forward called Worth Economics.

This is what you’ll have to look forward to in the near future:

The Theory of Money and Buying Things – the economy is a concept created by humans and is ‘not a real thing’

Globalism, Colonialism and Economic Nationalism – or: how to stop wars and oppression through economic treaties

Capitalism in Crisis – why the capitalist economic system is unsustainable and needs to be let go, I’m neither a communist or a socialist but I do wonder why we’re even working

A Have Not Province – the rise and fall of Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Economy – banking on the Ivany Report: strengths, weaknesses and opportunities




PS – for this episode of Beachhead writing, I’m listening to Aerosmith, thanks to my Dad who turned me on to them at probably too young of an age.  Come together right now


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