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Random Ideas

I’m trying a new thing where I actually plan my day, and my work.  One of the people I follow on Youtube by the name of Bria Bea said this once and it stuck with me:  Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan.  Well, I haven’t been doing that, so I thought I might, you know, actually try sitting my ass down and doing the work, you know, if I actually want to be an entrepreneur and such.  So anyway, I have 15 minutes left in this time block, 10 of those supposed to be allocated to ‘break time’, before I need to move on to my next project.  But I just wanted to quickly talk about ideas.

First, there’s nothing I hate more than people who shit all over your idea as soon as you articulate it?  Why do people even do that?  Fear?  Inadequacy?  Resistance to change?

Pro-tip:  I’m not the boss of you, your mom or your priest.  I cannot make you do anything.

Me making a suggestion or articulating an idea is just that, putting something out there, for discussion, inspiration, action.  It doesn’t require your participation or interest.  There’s plenty of room for us all to work our own ideas.

I know lots of this stuff is neither original or groundbreaking, but I really think different groups of people and different ways of working and articulating visions will only get more people working on more and diverse projects and get us all closer to our goals of a better world.

Thus, without further ado, some ideas I have for initiatives and projects:

A business network – where business people or prospective business people can come together, find potential business partners to work with to start up new businesses, share in rental space if they have similar retail products for sale, share transportation costs if they want to get products from rural areas to Halifax, cross market.  Basically a business networking site, because we’ll have to hustle our way into a better Nova Scotia economy and that will only be done by having a strong, creative, entrepreneurial mindset.  Maybe even working off the Community section on Kijiji.

Modern Apprenticeships – I’m living in Scotland currently and it has this amazing Modern Apprenticeship programme, where young people, like in days of old, can learn a job or trade through hands on training and guidance at the workplace.  I think something like that, not only done through NSCC, would be great.  Something that prepares businesses and professionals on how to train and manage their apprentice, so they work out of them, not just burden.  The benefit of training the talent your company needs, not having to worry that their won’t be good workers.  Keeping kids in Nova Scotia by linking them up with job prospects.

And that ties into my next idea:

Youth Mentorship Programme – taking those apprentices and letting them talk to kids in high school, helping them plan their future, education and careers.  Starting early to herd kids into the jobs, trades and training which are needed to help grow Nova Scotia’s economy.  Hosting and participating in career days, tutoring, helping with university or college prep, talking about the various opportunities available through NSCC and Nova Scotia’s many amazing universities.  Working on writing résumés, practicing interview techniques.  But most importantly, getting kids early, making them feel valuable and integral, then shepherding them through this programme where the youth take care of the kids, into higher education or the modern apprenticeship programme, where the adults will work with and take care of the youth.


More ideas to come!  Stay tuned 🙂




Note:  Aerosmith is currently crooning Eat The Rich, in the background, just FYI


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